Mrs Greenway - Grimsby, Ontario

Mrs. Greenway, a retail business focused on providing the community with environmentally friendly products, is walking-the-talk with their vision of a protecting our planet.  

Solar & Frosted Window Film Installed on this Environmentally-Friendly Retail Store

Our team at Evolution Window Films installed Solar Window Film on one of the storefront display windows providing UV protection, reduced glare, and solar heat reduction.  Solar Window Film stops a lot of the heat at the window during hot summer months.  Now the AC system will not need to run as often, helping to lower their carbon footprint and save energy costs.  It will also make the store more comfortable!  As well, the UV protection helps to slow down fading of product and protect the people in the store.

On the other 2 windows, frosted decorative window film was installed for privacy.  Window Film is an inexpensive option to replacing the windows with frosted, etched glass, and it looks great in any modern or traditional interior space!

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