Tim Hortons - Dunnville, Ontario

Tim Hortons in Dunnville, Ontario, is a local franchise in the Niagara region. Located in the small downtown area along Lake Erie's shores, this location is popular with locals, tourists, and even cyclists who stop as they ride along Niagara's beautiful roads. 

With the many windows at this location, the owner wanted a window treatment to improve their patrons and employees' comfort level but didn't want to block the view. They looked to Evolution Window Films to help. 

The Challenge


With a large expanse of floor to ceiling windows, the owners were looking for a window treatment to help reduce glare, minimize hot spots, and increase the overall comfort for the employees and customers. They didn't want to cover up the windows with blinds, so they looked to Evolution Window Films to help with a solution.

The Solution


The solution was a mix of solar control window film. 3M Affinity 15 window film was the solution for the west and south-facing windows to provide maximum glare reduction and energy rejection while still allowing people to see the beautiful view through the windows. 3M Night Vision 15 was installed on the northern exposed windows to admit more light and reduce glare. Both solar control films provide almost 100% UV protection.


The Results


Window film was applied to 450 square feet, including 25 windows. 3M Affinity 15 solar control window film offers 90% glare reduction, 79% heat energy rejection, and 99% UV protection. 3M Night Vision 15 solar control window film offers 80% glare reduction, 60% heat energy rejection, and 99% UV protection.


This location is one of 25 Tim Horton's Niagara Regions locations to receive window film installed by Evolution Window Films.


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