Bird Friendly Window Markers

Bird Friendly Window Markers

Bird Friendly Window MARKERS

It is a beautiful spring morning here in southern Ontario. The sun is coming up in the east to spread its beautiful light on the sleeping town, gently waking me up with the warm rays coming through the bedroom window. Birds are fluttering in the branches of the evergreen trees in my backyard while singing their beautiful morning serenade. Red-winged blackbirds, robins and other song-birds that flew south for the winter are now safely home. This is the sound of spring many of us are used to here in Ontario. A sound that many of us take for granted. A sound that is sadly in danger of being silenced forever.

The Cerulean Warbler has declined 83% since 1966, the population of Purple Martins are down 78% since 1970, and there are 65% fewer Bobolinks than there were in 1968. These are only a few of the songbirds that are on the list that are declining.

Help Save our Birds

Urban development is spreading far and wide. Glass walls and windows in commercial and residential architecture is popular. Put these together, and it is no surprise that there is an increase in the number of birds that die because they fly into these buildings. Buildings with trees and other foliage planted near the building are of special concern. The trees surrounding the buildings are reflected in the windows making it appear to the birds that it is an extension of their natural habitat.

It is estimated that collisions account for 1 billion bird deaths each year. This is 10% of the total bird population in North America, and buildings are the greatest threat.

Various levels of government around the world are working to create legislation to improve the environmental sustainability of our cities. The City of Toronto is one of the few leading cities to adopt environmental policies to make their buildings more bird friendly.

Bird Friendly Window FIlm Banner

A cost-effective solution for new and existing buildings is the Feather Friendly Window Film Solution.

Feather Friendly window markers are adhesive dots that are applied to the exterior surface of glass. The dots are subtle as to not distract from the appearance of the building, but a very effective solution to our bird crisis. Bird Friendly markers offer a visibility wall marker for the birds, warning them to find a safe and alternate flight.

Testimonial of the effectiveness of Bird Friendly Window Film

While the solution was being installed, observers noted that birds continued to strike the windows that had not been protected. We are delighted that since the installation, there have been no reported bird collisions with the protected glass.

Do you have a problem with birds flying into your windows?

Feather Friendly window markers are a solution for both residential and commercial application. Are you in the Niagara, Hamilton, Toronto or GTA? Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.


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