Canadians Need to Start Saving Energy

Canadians Need to Start Saving Energy

We know we need live more sustainable lives. Canadians especially need to learn how to be more sustainable and start saving energy. The fact that Canadians use more fossil fuels per capita than almost any other country is a shame. Climate change is demanding that we do better. 

Here are five ways we Canadians can start saving energy

Use Solar Control Window Film

Window film provides heat rejection in the summer so that your air conditioner will take on less heat load and cooling costs will be lower. In the winter time, window film creates a thermal barrier between the indoors and outdoors which retains radiant heat. It helps internal temperatures balance to provide comfortable places to live and work.

Use A Smart Thermostat

There’s no reason for your office or home temperature to remain constant when you are not there. Set your heating and cooling devices to reach the right temperature when you are due to arrive home and to go off while you are due to be absent. 

Turn it Up, Turn it Down

Summer is meant to be warm, winter is meant to be colder. There is no reason for our heating and cooling systems to remain constant. Try turning the air conditioner down so that it keeps your home and office comfortable. Try turning the thermostat down a little in winter to see if you can keep yourself warmer with additional clothing and more movement during the work day. 

Install Solar Panels or a Green Roof

In March France passed a law requiring all new commercial buildings to have solar panels or green roofs. Green roofs are covered in soil or mulch to support the growth of vegetation. Solar panels enable the sun’s energy to be captured for use, while green roofs reduce the amount of energy required to heat or – more often – cool the building under it. 

Conduct an Energy Audit

The easiest way to save energy is to find out where you’re using it most! Are your appliances the most-energy efficient? What about your lighting systems? Are you a big passive energy user through leaving appliances like microwaves, DVD players and sound systems plugged in and running when they aren’t in use? Green Communities and other organizations exist to help homeowners track their energy usage and then put in place solutions to save it.  

Read more about how Solar window film can save energy.  Contact our office for more information on energy audits available for commercial properties with minimum 10,000 sq. ft. of windows. 

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