Custom Home in Niagara Benefits From Window Film

Custom Home in Niagara Benefits From Window Film

Window Film offers benefits for this newly built custom home in Niagara


The owner, architects, designers, and builders incorporated large areas of windows throughout this beautifully-designed 6,000 sq. ft. house. Natural light is a benefit to having large window areas in this home, as well as offering the opportunity for the owner to enjoy the view of a beautiful landscape while in the comfort of his home.  While the expansive windows offer these benefits, they unfortunately let in a great deal of heat in the summer, heat loss in the winter, glare, and damaging UV rays from the sun. With the owner’s private art collection destined to hang on the walls of this home, not to mention the beautiful oak hardwood floors installed throughout the home, and the many original furnishings that will be part of this home’s interior space, the potential fading and premature aging of these items caused by UV damage was a big concern. They did not want to close out the view with drapes, but wanted to still ensure the longevity of these investments.

Custom Home Exterior in Niagara, Residential Solar Control Window FIlm


After consulting with the interior designer, Evolution Window Films installed an application of three different grades of Sunscape™ window film. Depending on the sun exposure of the windows, a different grade of film was chosen to maximize light penetration and still maintain protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

The Sunscape™ window film chosen:

  • rejects over 99% UV light
  • provides up to 57% heat rejection
  • provides up to 57% glare reduction


Now that the window film has been installed, the owner is enjoying the view through his windows, while having the confidence that his interior space and investments are protected from the sun. Sunscape™ solar control film offers this owner extra cost savings on heating and air conditioning bills, as well as minimizing the glare.

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