Dogs, Cats, and Window Film

Dogs, Cats, and Window Film

Canadians love their pets

Having the family dog greet you at the end of a long day and enjoying daily walks, or having the cat curly up with you on the couch, offers joy and health benefits to all ages, young and old.

There are 16M+ dogs and cats in Canada and approximately 1 in 4 houses have at least one dog or cat.

The wellbeing of Canadian pets is very important to their owners, which is why the pet business is big business in Canada. Pet owners spend a great deal of time, energy and household income taking care of their pets. In 2017, Canadian households spent $4.79B on their pets.

Helping business owners who provide services, products, and support, to take care of our pets, is important to Evolution Window Films.

Here are some examples of how business owners are using window film to enhance their work environment and better serve their clients.

Improve the comfort of the waiting room

The large windows at the front of these animal clinics offers natural light and a view to the outside. Evolution Window Films installed an invisible layer of tinted solar film, which acts like sunglasses for the window. The tinted windows help reduce the intensity of the direct sunlight, which creates a more even temperature in the room. Patients and staff now enjoy the improved comfort in the waiting room while veterinarian clinic owners enjoy the extra benefit from energy savings.

Dunnville Animal Clinic Window Film

Increase privacy in the office

The Toronto Animal Services had a small floor space and a separate interior office with clear glass walls. They were looking for a solution to add privacy to the office without compromising natural light. Evolution Window Films installed a film that looks like frosted glass which provides the privacy they were looking for at an affordable price. A cat/dog logo cutaway was added to the frosted glass to enhance the office design. The team at the Toronto Animal Services now have a private and stylish office.

Protect people and merchandise from harmful UV Rays

The Pet Valu store in Niagara-on-the-Lake has a wall of window in the front of the store. They wanted a window treatment that would let in as much natural light as possible, help reduce the heat coming through the windows during peak sunny periods, and offer protection from harmful UV rays, which can damage merchandise and be harmful to customers and employees. The team from Evolution Window Films added a window tinting film to the windows which helps keep the store cooler in the summer, and protects the merchandise, employees, and customers from harmful UV rays. Giving these windows an invisible tint treatment lets the sunshine in, while adding a layer of protection to keep product and people safe and comfortable.

  • Pet Valu - Niagara-on-the-Lake

Pet Valu Niagara-on-the-Lake Window Film




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