Ferguson-Neudorf Glass: Window Film Case Study

Ferguson-Neudorf Glass: Window Film Case Study

Ferguson-Neudorf Glass: Window Film Case Study

Ferguson-Neudorf Glass

Ferguson-Neudorf Glass Inc was founded in 1986 by Mr. Keith Ferguson & Mr. Peter Neudorf. Both gentlemen have over 50 years experience in the architectural glass and aluminum industry, specializing in the design, fabrication and installation of aluminum curtainwall, skylights and building envelope systems.

Ferguson-Neudorf Glass Industries has become one of Canada’s largest curtain wall contractors. They are  located in Beamsville, Ontario on the shores of Lake Ontario within the Niagara region.

Challenge of Too Many Windows

This office area has a large curtain of south-facing windows. The engineering and technical staff at Ferguson-Neudorf Glass enjoy the beautiful scenery and natural light that all these windows offer.

Unfortunately, the excessive glare and heat from the sunlight coming through these windows was a problem. It caused discomfort for staff and created difficulty seeing the computer screens. There are other private offices in this building with south-facing windows experiencing the same problems.

Improvised barriers were temporarily constructed to help reduce the glare caused by the sunlight.

Not ideal.

Window Film the Solution to Glare and Intense Heat at this Office Building

Evolution Window Films works with Ferguson-Neudorf Glass Inc. to find window film solutions for their clients. This time they asked Evolution Window Films to help them find a solution for their own building.

Offering three different samples of solar control window film, they chose one of the strongest films to maximize heat and glare reduction.

Window film was installed on 1,600 sq. ft. glass, offering the benefits of 80% heat rejection and 90% glare reduction.

Are you experiencing intense heat, hotspots, or glare at your office?  

If you are located in the Toronto, Hamilton, or Niagara area and would like a free quote, please call our team today.

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