Frosted Film vs. Frosted Glass

Frosted Film vs. Frosted Glass

What is Frosted Glass?

Frosted glass is a piece of glass that has either an internal texture or a frost inner layer. Unlike frosted window film, frosted glass is a permanent addition to the glass and can’t be reversed. Frosted glass is also typically used for privacy or decorative purposes.


How are window film and frosted glass similar?

Frosted window film and frosted glass are both used for decorative and privacy purposes. Both of these products prevent people from seeing in or out of a building or home. The visual effect is also very similar, and both have a clean and professional look. The biggest difference between the two products is that frosted window film allows you more creativity and flexibility, and it can be removed if needed.


And the winner is…frosted film!

When it comes to the pros and cons between frosted film and frosted glass, frosted film takes the cake! With a more affordable price tag, easier/quicker installation, enhanced creativity, flexibility, and sustainability, frosted film is the superior option for your home, office, or business. 

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