Grimsby Public Library Recieves Window Film

Grimsby Public Library Recieves Window Film

The Grimsby Public Library receives solar control film on their windows.

Grimsby Library Working

Niagara, Ontario - This state of the art facility, located in the quaint downtown of Grimsby – Ontario, is nestled between the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario. This building is stunning with its open concept floor plan, vaulted ceilings and walls of windows. These windows offer a beautiful view of the scenery surrounding the building. The natural light offers patrons a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere while they browse their numerous books, read, study or enjoy one of  the many programs and services offered.

Their mission is to “Bring people of all ages, information and ideas together: To enrich lives, promote literacy and build community”. You only need to walk inside the doors to see and feel that their vision to provide a vibrant community gathering space is put into action.

The Challenges of so many windows

“The books are aging because of the long exposure to the sun through our windows” said Lita Barrie – Chief Librarian. “We have to frequently change the labels on the books because of the damage done to them by the sun.”

UV exposure to the patrons and staff was another concern. The library has a computer lab surrounded by windows making this room very hot in the summer putting stress on the computers. Longevity of their heating and air conditioning system was also on their list of challenges. With the intense heat from the sun during the summer and the loss of heat through the windows in the winter, their HVAC system had to work hard to maintain a comfortable room temperature.

What motivated Grimsby Public Library to choose Evolution Window Films?

Protecting the comfort of their staff and patrons, as well as protecting the investment of the library’s assets, is something that Lita Barrie and the Library Board members take seriously. The Town of Grimsby is a town that believes in community – their people and their environment. The library follows the same values with their actions to support energy conscious purchases and practices – to support sustainability initiatives. They wanted a solution to conserve energy at this facility without losing the benefits of the architectural design that the large windows offer: the benefit of enjoying the outdoors while in the comfort of the indoors.

The initial thought was to install drapes, but this would mean a large investment that would be difficult to maintain, and of course, cover up the outdoor view. This would not meet all their needs.

Evolution Window Films had the answer, and it was within their budget.

The Solution

Sam and Gary (Evolution Window Films) met with Lita Barrie to see how they could assist with this challenge. A review of their requirements was evaluated, and the film best suited for their needs was selected.

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