Our Buildings Are Killing Birds, But We Have a Solution

Our Buildings Are Killing Birds, But We Have a Solution

Approximately one billion birds are dying from window collisions each year in North America. There are fewer birds now than there was a half-century ago and nearly two-thirds of North American birds are at risk of extinction. Now more than ever, we have a responsibility to protect our feathered friends. Feather Friendly® window markers provide a solution for residential and commercial building owners and property managers to help save our birds.

Birds are important to our environment and play a key role in supporting our economic growth, especially in industries such as agriculture, recreation, and tourism. Birds provide a natural source of pest control for some of the world’s most valued crops, including coffee beans and wine grapes. A large percentage of our population enjoy bird-related activities both at home and when travelling.

Governments are implementing regulations to create bird-friendly buildings.

Toronto was the first city in the world to develop Safe Building by-laws regarding bird conservation. Various levels of governments across Canada and around the world and embracing bird conservation.

Other Ontario cities, such as Markham, and York currently have, or in the process of creating, legislation and guidelines to ensure all new and existing buildings are bird friendly. The CSA (Canadian Standards Association) also provides a Canada Wide Bird Friendly Guideline (2019).

Feather Friendly® window markers were created in response to the overwhelming need to help prevent birds from colliding into buildings. For the past 12 years, Feather Friendly® markers have been sold globally with great success in reducing and eliminating bird collisions. 

What are Feather Friendly® window markers?

Feather Friendly® is a marker, not a film, and is placed on the outside surface of a window to reduce the surface reflection and alert birds to avoid collision. For those inside the building looking out, the window markers are placed far enough apart that the view from the window and natural light are not interrupted.

Feather Friendly® markers provide the best combination of collision avoidance, longevity, appearance and visibility to birds with clear visibility for humans looking through glass. 

Feather Friendly® is fabricated from only the highest quality 3M product and carries all the durability and performance assurances from 3M. To provide a quality installation, authorized 3M professional window film installers, such as the team at Evolution Window Films, are trained and available to install Feather Friendly® markers on both commercial and residential windows.

Does Feather Friendly® work in cold climates like Ontario, Canada?

Feather Friendly® markers have been used successfully world-wide in all climates and environments with no failures or reduced performance.

Is Feather Friendly® film approved by authorized 3rd parties?

Feather Friendly® is approved and endorsed by both the American Bird Conservancy, FLAP and U.S. Green Building Council.  Samples of Bird-Friendly Urban design and building design guidelines are available.

These are some examples of organizations that installed bird-friendly window markers on their buildings:



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