What You Need To Know About the Autumn Sun

What You Need To Know About the Autumn Sun

With daylight saving time on a few short weeks away, we all notice the shorter time we have during the day to enjoy the natural light from the sun. With that, most of us also see that the intensity and location of the sun are progressively getting lower.   

In the autumn months, the sun is lower in the sky than in the summer months and positioned more in the southwest direction; this means that sometimes there is more sunlight beaming through your office windows during the later part of the workday. Direct sun coming through the window can cause eye strain caused by glare on computer screens. In the summer months, this may not be a problem because the sun is higher in the sky during the workday. 

Even though the autumn sun doesn’t feel as hot as in the summer, it still can cause UV damage. The fall sun is quite direct, coming straight through the windows, fading interior furnishings and wood flooring.  

Sometimes heat generated from an afternoon autumn sun can heat up an interior space making it quite uncomfortable. Often the solution is to draw the curtains or blinds when the sunlight becomes too intense, but this is not ideal. It is not only inconvenient, but it can ruin a beautiful window view or cost money when interior lights need to be put on to light the room.

With the horizontal position of the sun in the autumn, using solar control window film can help minimize the effects caused by direct sunlight coming through the windows, without having to give up the enjoyment of the sun altogether. Reducing the intensity of the direct sunlight helps make the home and work environments safer and more comfortable by reducing glare, and helping protect the home and office interiors from damaging UV rays.

Natural light is proven to help reduce stress and promote wellness. With daylight hours shortening as we approach the peak of the Autumn months, enjoy the beautiful view from your home and office windows with the confidence that you and your interior investments are more comfortable and protected.

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