Window Film a Top Priority for Safety and Security

Window Film a Top Priority for Safety and Security

Safety and Security Window Film is as important as alarms and cameras

Alarm systems and cameras are typically the first items home and business owners purchase when looking to increase the safety and security of their buildings. Window film is another important layer of defence that should be considered and is often overlooked. There are even times when window film should be considered as much of a priority as alarms and cameras.

Safety and Security Window Film is an invisible barrier that is installed on the exterior or on the interior of the glass. When glass is broken, shattered glass can be very dangerous, causing serious injury. Security films engineered with powerful adhesives, reduce the hazard of broken glass by holding the pieces together safely attached to the film.

When should safety and security window film be installed?

Physical building has windows on street level (primary) other floors (secondary)

Audible alarms may scare intruders away and alert the authorities, but for a smash-and-grab thief, they are in and out faster than the authorities can arrive. Windows are a vulnerable point of entry for any building. Window film makes it very difficult to break in through the window and often takes a thief by surprise since they don’t know the window film is there.

Blast protection needed to meet industry safety regulations

Government agencies, large corporations, and manufacturers use specifically designed safety and security window film to increase protection against the hazards of flying glass shards in the case of an explosion; external attack or from equipment malfunction that can cause a blast. An anchoring system is installed which attaches the filmed window to the window frame. It creates a robust shield that adds extra protection to prevent the window from being pushed through the frame during an incident.

Protection needed for people and assets within a building with glass interior walls/doors/windows

The greatest loss during any catastrophe is the loss of life. It is one of the most important initiatives for any business owner, organization leader, or parent to make sure the people that matter the most to them are safe and secure within the buildings where they work and live. Unprotected windows also leave physical assets within the building vulnerable to damage due to vandalism, theft or natural catastrophe. Other risks may be loss or exposure of private information, and possible theft of sensitive substances that can have a large negative impact on the community; such as, pharmaceutical products. It is not only the damage to people and assets, but if a window is broken it leaves the business or home exposed to possible weather damage and loss of business.  Even though the window can be damaged, often the window film holds the glass together until the window can be replaced.

The following drivers are important when considering window film as a priority

  • For retail businesses that sell or handle products that are more likely to be targeted for theft, the need for added security increases.
  • Physical building is in a high-risk crime neighbourhood
  • Physical building is in a high-risk storm region, high winds/tornadoes
  • Insurance policies contingent on physical security solutions be in place
  • Health and Safety initiatives
  • A high-risk event coming to the area of business (i.e., G20, Olympics, PanAm Games, Protests, etc.)

Other benefits of security window film

  • Energy savings
  • Glare reduction
  • Employee & Customer comfort
  • Fade resistant
  • 24hr protection, even in a power outage: no battery backup power supply needed

Total cost of ownership (TCO)

  • There is no disruption to business during installation
  • Typically installed within 3-5 days depending on the size of project
  • One time purchase without any additional resources needed to maintain the quality of the product.
  • 20-year warranty
  • Potential savings - energy savings, increased bottom line due to increased comfort  (patrons while shopping, increased productivity by employees), product value protection with less fading caused from sun.

For more information on safety & security film for your specific building application, contact our team of experts to help answer your questions and offer a free quotation

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