Why People Tint their Windows

Why People Tint their Windows

Most people think about cars when they hear the words window tinting.  For quite a few decades now, window tinting has been a popular add-on feature when purchasing a car.  Beyond car windows, tinting windows for buildings is now available for home and business owners. An increase in comfort, safety, health and well-being are some of the advantages tinted window film offers

7 Reasons People Tint their Windows

Increase Comfort

Window film helps keep the temperature of a room comfortable. Hot spots and glare caused by hot sun coming through a window can make a room quite unbearable and uncomfortable.  Closing the blind or drapes is a solution, but it shuts out natural daylight and the view.  Tinted window film minimizes the heat and glare caused by direct sunlight, so you can leave the curtains and blinds open longer and enjoy a more moderate room temperature.

Save on Energy Costs

Adding a tint to your windows can help save on cooling costs.  Direct sunlight causes heat to build up in a room causing the air conditioner to work overtime.  Adding tinted window film to windows affected by long periods of sunlight can cut down on the amount of time the air conditioner needs to run, which saves on energy bills and extends the lifespan of the HVAC system.

Improve Safety & Security

Window film is a layer of protection that increases privacy and helps prevent glass from shattering. A plain window or glass door offers very little protection between the safe comfort of your home and the outside world.  It is nice to look outside at a beautiful landscape, or to observe your children playing in the backyard. However, people on the outside can also look in to see what you are doing and what you have.  Window film comes in various degrees of tint that offers privacy from people passing by. Window film offers a layer of protection against break-ins and flying glass caused by naturally occurring incidents such as flying debris during a storm.

Protect Furniture

Tinted window film can keep your furniture looking great, and lasting longer. Sunlight coming through a plain window can cause quite a bit of damage to the interior furnishings.  Whether it is new or it is an antique heirloom, furniture, artwork, carpets, wood flooring, and other interior furnishings can become old before its time if not protected against direct sunlight. Windows applied with tinted window film stops almost 100% of damaging UV rays and is a cost-effective way to protect your investment. 

Simple to Use

Window Tinting is a simple method of cutting down on the intensity of light coming into a room. Often people install curtains or blinds to block the light from coming in, but these can be a hassle to install and use.  You have to open them whenever you want to look outside and then close them to cut down on the brightness levels. Once tinted window film is installed, there is no extra effort on your part. You can easily look outside while keeping the brightness of your room at a moderate level with window film.  Unlike curtains and blinds, no vacuuming is required; a gentle window cleaning solution is all you need.  Window film is hassle free and will last for many years to come. 

Health Reasons

There are many health-related reasons to install tinted window film. Research shows that exposure to natural light is good for our health and well-being. However, the sun’s UV rays can cause damage to skin, including premature aging and skin cancer.   Tinted window film helps lower the amount of exposure to these harmful rays.  As well, it helps prevent glare which can cause eye strain and creates a more even room temperature for improved comfort.

Increase Property Value

Window Film is considered a property enhancement for real estate. Not only does it makes your home or office building nicer to look at, but it adds money to your pocket when it is time to sell.  Many real estate brokers consider window film to be an advantageous selling point, and many home buyers agree.

Tinted window film does a lot more than just keep the light out. It adds quality of living, additional safety, and increases the overall value of a building. It is a worthwhile and affordable addition to your home or business.

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