Health Benefits of Sunshine

Health Benefits of Sunshine

Why do we crave sunshine?

Research has shown that sunshine improves our physical and mental well-being.
Research also shows that there are physical risks when exposed to too much sun, even sun coming through your windows.

 “We now know that UVA radiation can penetrate windows to reach the skin, accelerating skin aging.” 
– Perry Robins, MD, President, The Skin Cancer Foundation. [1]

This summer, open your curtains with confidence to enjoy the sunlight!  

With little or no visible change to your windows, professionally installed solar window film offers a solution and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation [2]

Benefits of Window Film

  • Stops more than 80% of solar energy – this saves money on your air conditioning bill in the hot summer months
  • Reduces glare – even when the sun drops low in the sky during sunset or reflects off the lake in the summer
  • Increased UV protection – rejecting up to 99% UV rays.  Not only will this protect you and your family, but also protect your home furnishings, drapes and artwork from fading and discolouring

So let the sunshine into your lives this spring & summer!  

Reduce your exposure to UV rays, increase energy savings and enjoy the view through your windows. 

Evolution Window Films’ technical professionals offer a free consultation and quotation to those interested in learning more. Residential and Commercial applications available.


(as seen March 15 2013)

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[2] Skin Cancer Foundation

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(as seen March 15 2013)

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