Security Window Film Installation

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A security window film installation creates an invisible shatterproof barrier between your business interior and the outside world. When a thief tries to break the window, the glass shards are held together providing a shatter-proof performance that slows down any attempts an intruder makes to enter the premises. The quick and easy window entry now becomes difficult and deters the thief from continuing with fear of getting caught. Window film application will protect you from lost assets and inventory and keeps your business more secure.

Vandals Beware

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Vandals can attack your premises with attempts to scrape sharp objects across your glass. The multilayer protection of a shatterproof security window film acts as a barrier to destruction of your glass’s appearance. It can be easily replaced and is less expensive than replacing a damaged window.

Natural and Man-Made Disasters

The dangerous consequences of natural and manmade disasters that cause glass to shatter can be avoided. 3M security window films are shatterproof due to being made of a strong rugged material that binds dangerous glass shards together, preventing the damage and injuries a broken window causes.  Get peace of mind with the secure investment that window film provides to your business.

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Blast Mitigation

As unpleasant as it might be to consider, the threat of bomb blasts in this world are very real. Like natural disasters, a bomb blast also turns unprotected glass into dangerous flying shards.

In terms of blast resistance, the most important attributes of a shatterproof film for windows are tear resistance and flexibility.  When a blast occurs, glass shards may penetrate the laminate, so its ability to resist tearing dictates how effectively it will protect occupants from hazardous fragments.

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Recognizing the special technical requirements relating to blast mitigation, 3M developed our patented 28 and 42 micro-layer ULTRA series window security laminates. Ultra 600, when combined with the 3M Impact Protection Attachment System, has set the standard for blast mitigation in Canada by providing maximum life safety.

Unlike basic polyester offered by 3M and other manufacturers primarily for protection against break and enter, the thinner and more elastic ULTRA series shatterproof laminates are able to expand to absorb a blast and achieve the highest performance ratings in blast tests.

3M Safety and Security Window films have proven themselves in real-world situations to have seriously mitigated the damage from bomb blasts to help protect lives.  

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