Beautiful View: Condo Living at its Best

Beautiful View: Condo Living at its Best

Condo living is a trend for homeowners of all ages.  High-rise condos offer spectacular views, from the waterfront to skylines, and a feeling of spaciousness with their floor to ceiling windows. 


There are many benefits to condominium’s expansive windows, but they can also bring some challenges. 


Often drapes or blinds are window treatments used in the daytime to keep out the intense sunlight or for privacy, which means that the view and feeling of spaciousness are gone, and so are the other benefits of natural light.  Considering the sun’s damaging UV rays can cause premature fading to flooring and other interior furnishings, as well as other concerns resulting from intense sunlight, homeowners are genuinely concerned about the trade-off between having the large open windows and protecting their furniture, flooring, artwork and other investments.

Window Film lets condo owners enjoy the benefits of their windows while still maintaining comfort and privacy in their home.



This condo owner is on the top floor with floor-to-ceiling windows wrapping around three sides of the unit. A beautiful view for sure! He recently installed hardwood flooring and has beautiful new interior furnishings. Not wanting to close the drapes, which would obstruct the view, he looked to Evolution Window Films for help.  


Solar control window film was recommended. Solar window film offers a layer of invisible protection to the windows, including UV protection, reducing glare and hot spots, as well as daytime privacy.  


Applying window film, which is applied directly to the interior surface of the window, offers UV protection. Rather than having to close drapes or blinds, solar window film helps prevent premature fading and damage to interior furnishings while still presenting a beautiful window view.  


Solar window film contributes to glare reduction, making working on a computer near a window or watching television during the daytime more enjoyable with less eye strain.  Research shows that working next to a window where you can enjoy the view of the outdoors and natural light, is important to a person’s wellbeing. So when working from home, or relaxing after work, window film can help condo owners enjoy their space.  


Wanting to utilize all the square footage of a condo, seating arrangements in rooms are often near the window. Window film helps reduce hot spots that can build up at the window, making the temperature of the interior space near the window and throughout the condominium more even and comfortable.  


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