Bright Home Design Tips Save Energy

Bright Home Design Tips Save Energy

When doing a remodelling project in your home, consider these bright design ideas that are eco-friendly and energy-saving. It is all about using light wisely — natural or man-made. Here are tips that could put some loonies back in your piggy bank, brighten up your day, and offer you the design of your dreams.

LED Lights

Choose energy-efficient LED lights to replace high output incandescent ones. They are more money up front, but they will save on your hydro bill, as well as time.  LED lights last longer than incandescent bulbs before they burn out, and depending on the style of your room, bulbs come in either a cool or warm (more natural) light. 

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Motion Light Sensors

When you enter a room, there is no need to flip a switch with a motion light sensor. You can set the sensitivity and the timing of the switch based on the location and needs of your family. Motion sensor residential light switches are available at most major hardware and appliance stores (such as Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Home Hardware, and Rona). Make sure to consult an electrician or expert when doing any type of electrical work.


Consider a skylight to brighten up your room. With no need to worry about privacy with a skylight, you can have this window as a source of natural light available all day long.

Open Concept Layout

Redesigning your floor plan to be more open, not only gives a sense of space to small houses, but it increases the area that natural light coming through the windows can reach. The more natural light available means the less amount of time needed to put on the interior lights. Less hydro used equals more energy saved. 


Let the sunshine in! Your windows can extend your feeling of spaciousness, and brighten up a room with natural light. Research has shown that natural light is a benefit to our health, but also a benefit to our pocket-book. Unfortunately, we often have to cover up our windows with drapes or blinds to stop intense sunlight during certain times of the day; blocking the opportunity to enjoy the natural light.

By installing window film on existing windows during a renovation project, it can cut down on the heat and glare, and let you enjoy longer periods of time of natural light. This saves on energy by reducing the need for interior lights during the day, and reducing the load on your air condition; which will save on your energy bills.

A lighting plan is very important in an interior design project. These bright ideas are just a few tips to save money and improve the design of your next home renovation project.

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