Energy Savings for a Hot Benchmark Restaurant

Energy Savings for a Hot Benchmark Restaurant

Benchmark Restaurant is Hot!!

And not just because of the great food!

With east, south & western exposure the chillers for the Benchmark Restaurant at Niagara College never stop and barely keep up!

With the application of Sunscape Starlite 18,  Evolution Window Films is helping block 69% of the heat and 79% of the glare, making this 5 star restaurant the coolest place to eat in the Niagara Region!

Benchmark Restaurant Interior

Restaurants use about 5 to 7 times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings, such as office buildings and retail stores. (Graph Below) [1]

Average Energy Consumption Pie Chart


Historically, there have been very few energy saving solutions available to restaurant owners. Changing incandescent lights over to LED is a more recent option for owners to save on energy costs. Installation of programmable thermostats to optimize comfort levels during operational hours only, as well as investing in energy saving appliances is another.

Window treatments should be considered as an energy saving solution. Often restaurant owners think that drapes or blinds are the only option to reduce glare and keep out the hot sun, but these solutions present some challenges. When drapes and blinds are closed, restaurant patrons can’t see the beautiful view outside! Blinds and drapes require someone to adjust them when needed, and there is a costly capital investment.

Window Film is an Energy Saving Solution

Reducing the heat coming through windows by professionally installing solar control window film:

  • Saves on lighting energy by allowing more natural light into the room
  • Increases comfort levels in the room by reducing hot spots
  • Reduces the load put on HVAC/cooling system, reducing operating and maintenance energy costs

AND your restaurant patrons will continue to enjoy the beautiful #WindowView

Madico Window Films offers a case study measuring side-by-side windows using RS440 on one window and nothing on the other. At peak sun times, the window with window film showed 11-12 degrees Fahrenheit LESS than the window without window film.

Download Study

Benefits of investing in energy-saving solutions for restaurants:

  • Reduce your operating costs, buffer your business from future energy cost increases
  • Lower your environmental impact
  • Increase your long-term profitability
  • Enhance the aesthetics of your restaurant
  • Improve comfort
  • Improve the health of your staff
  • Reduce maintenance costs

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