Facts about Fading

Facts about Fading

Facts about Fading and the Benefits of Window Film

Facts about Fading Pie Chart

What Causes Fading

  • Ultraviolet Light 40%
  • Visible Light 25%
  • Heat 25%
  • Miscellaneous (Indoor artificial lighting, humidity and poor dye anchorage) 10%

Ultraviolet Radiation Control

Solar control films contain ultraviolet absorbers which reduce the amount of ultraviolet radiation being transmitted through glass.  Both visible light and ultraviolet radiation are important causes affecting fading to floors, carpets, draperies, artwork, and other furnishings for the home.

Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation and Fading

Invisible ultraviolet (UV) radiation represents only about 3% of the energy being transmitted in normal sunlight. However, these powerful rays are a primary cause for fading and deterioration of valuable and expensive interior furnishings.

Fading is a complex issue because each and every material has a different propensity to degrade from exposure to UV radiation and other contributory factors.  For example, wood is extremely vulnerable to fading from sunlight.  With stronger regulations and popularity of environmentally-friendly products, more products are being created using a water-based process.  These products offer obvious environmental benefits, but unfortunately they will often fade quicker than the previously made solvent-based products.

It is generally accepted that UV radiation can be responsible for roughly 40-60% of all fading.  Solar control window film products are not guaranteed to stop or cure a fading problem.   However, professional quality window film can significantly reduce fading caused by ultraviolet, visible light and solar energy.  The degree of protection you obtain is closely tied to the type of film you select.

Benefits of Window Film

  • Window Film rejects up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Window Film helps to reduce glare and brightness
  • Window Film rejects up to 83% of the sun’s heat

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