Home Window Film Treatments- Case Study

Home Window Film Treatments- Case Study

Window Film the treatment of choice

Energy savings, U.V. protection, comfort, and privacy were the reasons this home owner decided to invest in window film.  After the initial consultation, and a review of window film options, Madico SL 280 Solar Control Window Film was recommended by the team at Evolution Window Film.


The Dunkley’s home is a back split residence with 4 south facing windows, a window in the east entrance door, and 2 south-west facing windows that are exposed to direct sunlight.

The south-west window in their dining room (pictured above) faces the neighbour’s back porch and has direct sun late in the afternoon – dinner time.  They currently have drapes on the windows to help with this solution.  The problem was that when the drapes had to be closed during the daytime, it meant they couldn’t see outside and it took away from the natural light, forcing them to turn on lights.

Solution – With the installed window film, drapes do not always have to be closed during early dinner time on a sunny day.  There is also some daytime privacy from neighbours because of the reflective quality of the film.

The four south facing windows have direct sunlight for most of the day, causing intense heat during the summer months.  There are currently blinds on the windows to help with this problem, but the family did not want to close them all the time.  New furniture was just purchased for the lower level living space and original artwork hanging on the walls. Premature fading from UV ray exposure was a concern.

Solution – The family can enjoy the sun without concern for premature fading of the furniture.  They can leave the blinds up more often during the day, offering more natural light to save them from having to turn on indoor lights.  The film reduces the heat coming through the windows, so the home’s furnace does not have to work as hard to cool the home.  This not only saves on the energy bills, but lengthens the life of the furnace. 

After 45 years in the commercial heating, cooling and ventilation industry (HVAC), working for companies such as Johnson Controls, Barber-Colman, and Robertshaw, I understand the importance of investing in energy savings, especially technology that offers quality and high return on investment.  Window Film offers an inexpensive solution when retrofitting any home or commercial building that has windows exposed to direct sunlight.  After installing the film on our home windows, I could immediately see and feel the difference.  I am confident that I will save on energy bills, as well as lessen the workload of our furnace.  The lifetime warranty gave me confidence to invest. After watching the care and precision that Sam Bellhouse had while installing the film, I am glad that we hired Evolution Window Films to do the work.
– G. Dunkley
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