How to care for and clean my windows after window film has been applied

How to care for and clean my windows after window film has been applied

Window Film Care and Cleaning

Commercial & Residential 

Can I clean them right away after installation?

Make sure you don’t clean your windows within the first 60 days after installation.  It requires a curing time to ensure maximum bonding to the glass.

The Cloth

Use a soft, clean, rubber squeegee or cotton cloth to prevent scratching of the surface.

The Solution

[Washing windows]

You can use

  • Off the counter household cleaners – such as Windex, Glass Plus, Invisible Glass
  • Specialty cleaners for window film are available-  silicone cleaner/compounds specifically made for window film

NOT recommended to use solutions with ammonia. 

Make your own cleaner

  1. Pint/Quart Spray Bottle
  2. ½ part distilled or mineral water + ½ part rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) and 3 drops of liquid soap.
  3. Shake well!

Tough smudges, Fingerprints, Sticky glue residue

  • Use pure rubbing alcohol on a cotton cloth.  It will quickly dissolve the heaviest smudges or greasy fingerprints
  • Sticky glue Residue or adhesive from masking tape, scotch tape, or decals that have been applied to and removed from the filmed window may be quickly and completely removed by gently stroking the affected area with a soft cloth dabbed with pure ACETONE (nail polish remover).

Note – Acetone in small amounts is harmless to polyester films by immediately dissolves adhesives and most paint over spray, evaporating completely.

Is it easy to scratch the window film during cleaning?

To prevent scratching and damage, professionally installed window film comes standard with a durable, scratch-resistant coating.  However, it is important to follow the care and cleaning instructions for your window film as noted above.

What happens if the window film gets damaged?  Can it be replaced?

If the window film gets scratched or damaged, it can be replaced.  Call the window film company that originally installed the film, or a reputable professional installer in your area.

For more information 

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions about Window Film page on our website for more information about care and cleaning of window film and other facts about window film.

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