Improve Your Office's Energy Performance with Window Film

Improve Your Office's Energy Performance with Window Film

Window film can help improve your office’s energy performance which means improving your bottom line. 

There are many benefits to having windows in an office. Windows let in natural light and offer the ability to see outside, which makes for a nice work environment. However, windows can be a significant source of energy loss.

Energy is about one-third of the costs of a typical office building, which includes lighting, heating, and cooling costs, and usually the single largest operating expense. In Canada, it can be especially difficult managing energy costs with the extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Window tinting is an affordable and accessible retrofit solution that increases energy savings, while maintaining the aesthetics of the office and enhancing the work environment.  

How does window film improve energy performance?

Save on heating and cooling costs

Solar control window film improves the insulation value of a typical single-pane window close to that of a double-pane window; rejecting up to 70 percent of intense solar heat to save on cooling costs in the summer, and reflecting up to 17 percent of indoor heat back into the room to save on heating costs in the colder months. A typical installation of solar control window film sees a return on investment in less than three years.

By improving the insulation of the windows, the heating and cooling system does not to work as hard to maintain a comfortable interior environment which reduces operating costs. The longevity of the HVAC equipment is also extended, which means a reduction in capital costs.

Reduce electricity costs

Window film helps improve electricity costs by reducing the need to turn on lights during the daytime. With the application of solar control window tinting to office windows, people can enjoy the natural light without needing as much overhead and task lighting. By reducing the glare and eliminating almost all harmful UV rays, office workers can keep the blinds up longer, enjoy the view, and save energy.

While window film is a cost-effective solution to improve the energy performance of an office, it also offers other benefits; such as reduced maintenance costs, a pleasant environment for your employees/tenants to work, increased property value, and lowered environmental impact.

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