Juravinski Hospital recieves window film

Juravinski Hospital recieves window film

Juravinski Hospital Windows protected by Window Film

The Juravinski Hospital, previously called the Mount Hamilton Hospital, is a full service general hospital that includes a centre of excellence for cancer and orthopaedic care.  The hospital has recently gone through renovations including additions to the original building.  It is located at  711 Concession St. in Hamilton, Ontario and has a beautiful view from the top of the Niagara Escarpment.

Juravinski Interior WindowChallenge

The gymnasium was experiencing huge heat gain from sun coming in through the curtained wall of south-facing windows.  The initial building specs said they were to receive windows with solar heat control attributes, but  the windows installed did not have this type of protection.  The heat was too much, and the hospital was forced to seek out other options.


A solar control window film could be installed at a reasonable price and would offer the heat control that this area of the hospital needed.


The team of installers were able to be on-site and had the window film installed within days.

Windows were retrofitted with a solar control window film that provides  83% glare reduction and 72% heat rejection.

In addition to helping relieve some of the heat load the HVAC system had to offset due to the intense heat coming through these windows,   patients, employees, and visitors can now enjoy the gymnasium in comfort.

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