Protect your Oriental Area Rug from Damage

Protect your Oriental Area Rug from Damage

Your Oriental area rug is in danger!  How to protect your rug from damage.

Your vintage oriental rug is a work of art that can be enjoyed for many years and many generations, so you want to keep it out of danger!  Like any work of art, you want to prolong its beauty and protect your investment.

There are five ways that an area carpet can be damaged, and sunlight can be the greatest threat. Just like our skin, the natural fibres and dyes in a quality oriental rug can be damaged by long exposure to the UV rays from sunlight. Solar control window film offers a solution to help protect your carpet.

Here are five common ways that your area carpet can be damaged, and how you can prevent this from happening.

Sun Exposure

Long exposure to direct sunlight will damage all area rugs.  Against popular opinion among some carpet dealers, antique and oriental area rugs made of natural dyes and materials, such as wool or silk, will fade when exposed to uv rays.  Intense sunlight can dry out and oxidize the wool fibres causing premature damage to the carpet.  It is recommended by expert antique carpet dealers to install UV protected window film to protect your carpet from premature damage.  Drapes are an option, but UV window film allows you to enjoy the view with the peace of mind your carpet is being protected.

Area rugs that are not made of natural fibres and dyes will fade much faster, so take extra care when placing rugs in rooms that are exposed to direct sunlight.


Place a high-quality pad under the carpet to help prevent sliding, wrinkling, stretching, and possible punctures when walking on it or moving furniture.  Place furniture cups under the legs of heavy furniture to prevent crushing of the carpet.  Move the furniture around from time to time to prevent wearing in one spot.  Be careful to lift and place the furniture rather than dragging it to prevent wrinkling, stretching, or snagging of the carpet. 


To prevent wear from walking, rotate the carpet 180 degrees annually or bi-annually.  As well, move the furniture around from time to time to change up the walking patterns. Even the finest area rugs are subjected to wear from foot traffic.


Regular cleaning of your carpet will help prevent moth damage.  (Tip:  Moths like dark areas, so take extra care to clean under and behind the furniture)  For short-term storage, it is recommended to use a cedar-lined trunk or closet.  If using moth balls, make sure to replace them every six months as they lose their effectiveness over time.  Avoid pesticide sprays since they are toxic and can be harmful to rugs.


If a spill occurs, take care of it immediately.  Use a moist, clean cloth and blot the edges towards the centre of the stain.  If needed use shampoo; wool fibres are similar to human hair.  Elevate the carpet so the air can get underneath to help with the drying process.

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