Rose City Kids Install Window Film On Their New Library

Rose City Kids Install Window Film On Their New Library

Rose City Kids is an outreach centre in the heart of the City of Welland. Located in a renovated theatre, Rose City Kids offers practical programs for children who come in from all over the city. It is an opportunity for these children to have a place to go where they can learn, have fun, and build relationship; in a positive, caring, and supportive environment led by a team of dedicated volunteers, with the goal to help break the cycle of poverty.  

The programs at Rose City Kids has recently inspired the donations of more than 2000 books, with more on the way. These donated books, along with a few purchased books, include a range of topics. These books will be an invaluable resource for both the young people in the program and the volunteers. However, all the books presented the challenge of space. How were they going to display all the books, and have the space to use them?

The decision was made to build a room that would be used for a library and learning centre. The two-storey building has a first floor that extends behind the building. The new room would be an extension on the back of this second story. The plan was to design a quiet and safe learning space on the premise, a place where children can browse through the selection of books, an area for them to read or study,  and a space for the tutoring sessions. There will be a wall of bookshelves, a fireplace, and a harvest table in the centre of the room.

Considering the benefits of natural light, Architect Jason Brower of MZE Architects and Design, incorporated the GGS Structures design1 and 600 ft. of  glass into the overall design of this sunroom style room. The south-facing wall and the roof of this 15.3 ft. x 19.2 ft. space are all glass, giving it a feeling of spaciousness and benefits that the view of the outdoors offers. With all these windows they knew they had to address the issue of intense sunlight coming through naked windows that would cause glare problems and heat up the room to unbearable temperatures; especially in the summertime. Rose City Kids considered installing shade cloth on the windows and ceiling, but this would be expensive and would need to be replaced within 7-10 years.

GGS Structures contacted Gary Bellhouse of Evolution Window Films to discuss window film as a window treatment option.  Solar control window film was recommended to help maintain a comfortable temperature in the room without blocking the natural light that many shades and blinds do. Window film also offers a lifetime warranty. Other benefits of window film is that it helps keep the room cool in the summer by reducing hot spots, helps keep the room warmer in the winter with improved distribution of heat from the sun during peak hours, and reduces glare.

As any not-for-profit knows, keeping expenses to a minimum is important. Solar control window film supports an energy savings program by allowing more natural light into the room and save on heating and cooling costs. With up to 99% ultraviolet (UV) protection in the installed solar control window film, it will help protect the books and fabrics from premature fading and damage due to sun exposure. 

Sam Bellhouse, President of Evolution Window Films, stepped up to help the project by donating the time to install the window film and contacted their suppliers to see if they would donate the materials! Suntek helped by donating the solar control window film, and the team of installers from Evolution Window Films arrived at the greenhouse in early September to get started.  

Window film is typically applied to the interior of the window, but in this case, the window film needed to be applied to the exterior side of the window2; this meant the window film needed to be applied before the widows and glass roof were installed3. Ken Langendeon from JGS Limited and contractor on the project, worked with the Evolution Window Films team to set up a time for them to apply the film onto the windows in their warehouse before installation.   

The Rose City Kids library addition is anticipated to be ready for early 2016.  

Helping support the learning, growth and well-being of our Niagara young people, we at Evolution Window Films are pleased that we can support the outreach program at Rose City Kids in Welland.

- Sam Bellhouse, President of Evolution Window Films.

Updated May 4, 2016

Rose City Kids Library is now ready for the Kids!  

The final touches were put in place including lighting, a finished fireplace, a beautiful harvest table and comfortable chairs. The kids and staff now have a place where they can have their tutoring sessions and other activities. Congratulations to all the volunteers for helping make this wonderful community project a success.


1The steel structure and glazing was donated by GGS Structures, Gerry Harrison and Leigh Coulter. Installation of the steel structure and glazing was donated by Spitfire Construction.   

2 The installed windows are double pane, with the interior pane already laminated. Window film cannot be applied to laminated glass. The exterior window is tempered glass, which offers an ideal base for the window film.

3Applying the window film to the exterior after the windows were installed could cause problems. Access to the exterior of the glass roof after installation would not be ideal. For optimal installation and protect warranty, window film needs to be installed in a safe and clean environment at a moderate temperature.

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