Security Window Film Protects Water Treatment Centres

Security Window Film Protects Water Treatment Centres

Security Window Film installed to improve safety at Water Treatment Centres in Niagara

Providing safe drinking water to our public means protecting our water treatment centres from the possibility that someone could gain access and contaminate or destroy the water source. Water treatment centres are part of Canada’s critical infrastructure and must adhere to high-security standards for their protection. In an effort to protect public safety, appropriate security measures must be implemented to detect, deter and minimise the threats to our water facilities.

The security consultants in charge of the water treatment centres in Niagara take their job very seriously. During a threat risk assessment, there were certain windows identified as a security risk.

“Typically someone trying to break and enter will choose a door as the first point of entry. If they are unsuccessful, they will look for a window to gain access.”

Window Film Recommended by Security Consultants

The security consultants recommended security window film be installed to lower the risk of break and entry to improve the security of the Niagara water treatment centres.

Windows are the weakest point of entry in a building. Installing security window film offers an invisible layer of protection to help mitigate the risk of a break and enter. It’s made of a special, thick adhesive that holds broken glass together, impeding anyone from gaining access to the facility through the window. An aluminum angle is installed around the perimeter of the frame to help ‘anchor’ the film. Anchors reduce the possibility of pushing the window out of the frame, which may occur under high impact force to the window. Security window film is an effective way to reduce the risk of someone breaking a window and gaining an unauthorised entry.

Evolution Window Films installed security window film on select windows at the four water treatment centres in the Regional Municipality of Niagara, Ontario. Water treatment centres in Niagara include Fort Erie, Decew (St. Catharines), Grimsby, and Port Colborne.

Security Window Film Videos

Watch these videos to see just how hard it is to break a window when window film is installed.  

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