Small Business Security Plan

Small Business Security Plan

Include Window Film as part of your Small Business Security Plan

Any small business with a physical location should include window film in their security plan.

Did you know that small businesses make up 98.2 percent of all employer businesses in Canada? Many of these businesses, such as retailers, pharmacies, golf courses, wineries, hotels, restaurants, etc. have a physical location.

In 2007, the Canadian Retail Survey shows that Canadian retailers face a wide range of criminal security risks where break-and-enter is still a great concern. Video surveillance has shown to be quite effective in monitoring the store and employee activity while also providing evidence during the prosecution of an altercation.

Out of all executives interviewed, 81% experienced break-and-entry occurrences.

If you are a small business owner, you need to put a security plan in place to protect your building and your assets. It will save you time, money and peace of mind.

Make sure to install solid, ideally steel or aluminum, doors with good locks. Secure the roof access, making sure to secure any skylights, ventilation hatches or access doors that lead to the roof. Light up the interior and the exterior of the building and it will make it more difficult for someone to break-and-enter without being detected. A good deterrent, especially if they see that you have a video and security surveillance system in place.

Small Business Security BannerWindows are one of the greatest security risks any small business has when operating a physical location. 

Unprotected windows make it easy access for a burglar to smash-and-grab merchandise before the authorities can arrive. Steel bars installed on a window offer protection and are sometimes mandated by certain insurance policies; however, these are not attractive and can interfere with evacuating the premises in the event of a fire.

Professionally installed window film is an inexpensive and effective way to prevent a burglar from entering through the window. 

Once window film is applied the window becomes more impact resistant, surprising any burglar attempting to do a quick smash-and-grab. If a burglar thinks they can smash the window and push it out of the frame, they will be surprised once again. Security window film is anchored to the window frame, making it very challenging, if not impossible, to push a damaged window pane out of the frame. 

Security window film is applied to windows with very little change (if any) to the view through the window. It does not interfere with the mechanisms of the window so that any fire exits will remain accessible during an emergency. 

Loss of merchandise is not the only risk small businesses face when someone attempts to break in or vandalize their property. It is also the disruption to continue business as usual. A broken window leaves a business exposed and a potential safety hazard. Cleaning up broken glass, potential weather damage, and sometimes the safety of the public is a cause for concern. There is also the inconvenience and challenge of securing the open window while the new window is being ordered. To close the gaping hole, often plywood is used. Plywood doesn’t look nice, obstructs the view of merchandise on display inside, and shuts off the flow of natural light to the interior. 

Applying window film to windows not only can be a deterrent for anyone considering entering the building uninvited, but will also minimize extenuating damage by holding any broken shards of glass together. Often the broken window can remain in place while a new window is being ordered; saving time, improving safety, and saving money. 

Window film is an inexpensive and effective upgrade that should be considered in any small business safety & security plan.

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