Solar Window Film For Your Home

Solar Window Film For Your Home

Enjoy the benefits of window tinting for your home. It reduces glare, offers privacy, improves energy efficiency, increases safety and security, protects the interior of your home, and increases comfort. 

Window tint offers an invisible layer of protection when applied to new and older window models. There are various types of window film available to give you the right tint strength and protection needed for your home. To get optimal benefits from your window tint investment, make sure to hire a professional window tint installer. They will help you find the right solution for your needs, providing you with the expertise required for a top quality finish and deliver a warranty that will protect your investment.

Reduces Glare

With the age of big screen TVs and computers, glare can be a problem. Even on a cloudy day eye strain can be a problem. Adding window tint helps prevent glare while still letting in natural light and your view of the outdoors.


Window tint offers daytime privacy for home owners. Customize the degree of darkness for your preference. Even a light tint yields some privacy without a noticeable difference of natural light coming into the room or obstruction of the outdoor view. 

Energy Efficiency

With energy costs rising, families are looking to reduce energy consumption to save money on their utility bills. Adding window tint to windows with long sun exposure, helps keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Not having to turn the air conditioner or furnace on as often means potential savings on energy costs.

Safety and Security

Windows are one of the most vulnerable places in your home. An intruder can gain access to your home by breaking a window, or during a storm, flying objects can shatter glass. Window film offers a layer of protection by holding the shards of glass together, preventing the glass from shattering upon impact.  All window film offers a certain level of protection; the thickness, type, and installation techniques being factors that contribute to the amount of protection.

Protect the interior of your home

UV rays from sunlight can cause interior furnishings, flooring and artwork to be damaged or age prematurely. Window tint is like putting a pair of sunglasses onto your home! It stops the UV rays from coming into the room, protecting your interior from UV damage. Whether it is a priceless heirloom or piece of art, a newly installed hard wood floor, or a favourite chair, window film is a cost effective and low maintenance solution to protect your home.

Increase comfort, Peace of Mind, and Savings

Improve the comfort of your home, increase your peace of mind, and start saving. There are many reasons to apply window tint to your home. The benefit of protecting the investment of your interior furnishings and reducing energy costs is valuable; the increased comfort, with the peace of mind of safety and security for your family, is priceless.  


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