The Bar Upstairs - Window Film for

The Bar Upstairs - Window Film for

Windows to “The Bar Upstairs” Exterior

Evolution Window Films installed Madico SRS220 8mm window film on the windows of the “The Bar Upstairs” at the Nigara Ball Hockey Athletic Centre

February 11 2013 “Come in and enjoy the enhanced comfort at the Niagara Ball Hockey Athletic Centre in St. Catharines, Ontario.  Take in the view of the ball hockey game right from your seat in the beautifully renovated dining lounge/bar area.” Only 2 months ago, Brian and Luanne Broley took over “The Bar Upstairs” located upstairs in the Niagara Ball Hockey Athletic Centre at the corner of Westchester Ave. and HWY 406.   Some other facility upgrades include new change rooms, a new indoor and outdoor ball hockey rink and more parking.

The Challenge

The walls of windows in the “The Bar Upstairs” offer a beautiful view of the ball hockey arena and the surrounding landscape, but the many windows presented a challenge to the owners. The glare from the sun made it difficult for customers to view the 110” projection screen TV.  At certain times of day, the sun would be quite hot coming in through the windows, making it uncomfortable for diners in those areas of the lounge.  Brian and Luanne were also concerned that the sunlight would fade and prematurely age the richly colored red carpet.  These challenges not only affected their material investment in the building, but affected their ability to offer their customers the high level of comfort they deserved. They considered the option of covering the windows with drapes or blinds, but that meant that no one could see out.  Their view of the ball hockey games and the surrounding environment would also be obstructed and natural light would be limited.

“Being able to watch the outside ball game from inside or watch sports on our big screen TV from behind the bar or across the room on a sunny afternoon…well, that’s just priceless! Evolution Window Film seemed to be the best option for that alone, and with the benefit of the security feature that the film provides, the extra protection keeps our minds at ease” – Brian & Luanne Broley

The Solution

Ball Hockey Interior

Gary and Sam Bellhouse from Evolution Window Films suggested the SRS220 8mm window film by Madico.  The benefits of this film are:

  • Glare reduction of 78%
  • Ultra-violet protection to reduce fading of the interior furnishing
  • Improved comfort and health benefits by reducing UV rays and heat
  • Increased energy savings through lower air conditioning costs
  • Heat Energy rejection 81%
  • Tensile strength – 32,000 PSI Average MD/TD & 240 Pounds Per Inch (Width)
  • Break strength – 240 Pounds Per Inch (Width)
Evolution Window Films covers the glare of the bright light, but never the beautiful view of the outdoors.

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