Why You Need Security Film for Your Home or Business

Why You Need Security Film for Your Home or Business


What is Safety and Security Film? 

Safety and Security window film is an invisible barrier that is installed on the exterior or the interior of your glass. When glass is broken, shattered glass can be very dangerous, causing serious injury. Security films engineered with powerful adhesives reduce the hazard of broken glass by holding the pieces together, safely attached to the film. 


When Should I Install Security Film?

-If your building has window on street level

-If blast protection is needed to meet industry safety regulations

-If you live in or own a building that contains a high volume of windows

-If you own a retail business with high-end product

-If your building is in a high-risk crime neighbourhood or a high-risk, high-traffic event is coming to your area

-If your health and safety initiatives and insurance policies require a safety/security film installation


Benefits of Security Film

-Potential savings; energy savings, comfort and safety of patrons/family/employees, increased product value protection due to less fading caused from the sun

-One-time purchase without any additional resources needed to maintain the quality of the product 

-Quick install times

-Blast protection

-Anti-theft measures

-Peace of mind!


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