Window FIlm for Creekside Estate Winery

Window FIlm for Creekside Estate Winery

Window Film the ‘Out of the Box’ solution for Creekside Winery

Creekside Estate Winery is located in the rolling foothills of the Niagara Region’s Jordan village. Their core values are to be honest, rustic, real and wine-centric. The mission of these like-minded industry professionals is that they pride themselves in producing wine that is unmistakably distinctive: pioneers in their industry. Not surprising then, that Bart Bacon, Retail and Events Manager at Creekside Estate Winery sought out the ‘out of the box’ solution of window film to meet a challenge in his wine retail area.


Creekside Before and AfterAfternoon sunlight coming in through the large windows was causing excessive heat in the room. During the hot summer months the air conditioner had to work long and hard to keep the area an optimal temperature for storing the wine. Their wine assets were in danger. Long exposure to UV rays and hot temperatures can cause serious damage to the integrity of wine.

  1. UV rays damage the tannins in the wine, which play an important role in preventing oxidation during the wine’s aging process. [1]
  2. Hot temperatures can ruin the flavor of the wine, in some cases pushing the cork right out of the bottle [1]

Floor space was a challenge. As any retailer knows, floor space is a valuable commodity, but it could not be at the expense of the quality and integrity of their wine. The exposed floor space area near the large windows could not be utilized to display their wines.

Covering the windows with drapes or a blind was not ideal in that it would take away the natural light and would cover up the beautiful outdoor countryside view.


After extensive consultation with Bart, Sam Bellhouse from Evolution Window Films suggested Madico SRS-220-XSR (silver tone) window film.

The area on the inside of the Creekside Estate Winery retail area would benefit from:

  • 99% UV light rejection (protection)
  • 80% total solar energy rejection (energy savings)
  • 55% visible light reflected (note: untreated glass reflects 10% of visible light)
  • 79% glare reduction (clarity and sharpness of view)

Bart Bacon and team agreed that this would be the best solution. With the potential cost of replacing their air-conditioner prematurely because of over-use, compared to a fraction of the cost of the window film, an obvious return on investment made this an easy decision.


The team at Evolution Window Films offered a solution that met our needs. They were professional during installation and delivered on what they promised. Knowing that we will be saving on our air-conditioning bill this summer was a key motivator in our decision. The bonus of having a solution that did not sacrifice our natural light and offers us more even room temperatures is something that myself, my staff and our customers will be happy to be enjoying this summer!
– Bart Bacon, Retail & Events Manager, Creekside Estates Winery

Investing in the storage environment is just as important to the team of wine experts at Creekside Estate Winery, as it is in making the wine. From the vine to your home, they want their customers to experience the enjoyment of their wine at its best.

We asked Bart Bacon if he would share the most important things to remember when storing wine. Three key things to remember…

Wine Storage Tip

  1. Constant & cool temperature (wine storage bottles)
  2. No vibration
  3. No direct sunlight (UV damage)

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[1] The Enemies of Wine – as seen May 6 2013

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