Window film saves couch and piggy bank

Window film saves couch and piggy bank

Considering window treatments for you home?

Rural Home Niagara

Why did the owners of this beautiful home choose to have window film put on every window!?

This Niagara family chose to have window film installed to protect the investment in their home.

One year ago, the owner had purchased a $20,000 leather couch that now needed to be re-upholstered due to severe sun damage. For literally a fraction of the cost of the couch, let alone the additional cost of re-upholstering it,  window film was applied to every window in the house.

Now the owner can sleep tight knowing her furniture, floor, paintings and more will not cost her any more money!

Evolution Window Films was able to reduce heat and glare by 60% and block over 99% of the UV light.

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