Oakville Trafalgar Hospital

The New Oakville Trafalgar Hospital was designed to improve the visitor experience.  

Relaxing Nature Themes used throughout the Hospital to be visual guides for visitors 

Nature themes are used within each section of the hospital to help as visual guides.   Window film graphics with the various nature themes were applied to the vertical acrylic surfaces in strategic locations such as the entrance way to the hospital and in reception seating areas.  These wall sections offer some privacy and offers a visual cue that visitors are in the right area.  

Colourful Graphics to the Information Boards

In the main lobby of the hospital needed an area to display information. A variety of solid, bright, colourful window film graphics, were applied to the acrylic wall sections. The translucent application allows light to pass through, giving it an open and bright feeling.  

Frosted window film on ceiling light diffusers

Clear ceiling light diffusing fins were previously installed on the ceiling just inside a section of windows.  The hospital wanted a frosted look similar to light fins installed in other areas of the hospital. Frosted window film was applied to these clear fins, giving a similar look, but at a fraction of the cost of installing new systems, and with a faster delivery time,

More images of window film at the Oakville Trafalgar Hospital



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